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It does happen, but trunking "has nothing to do with the sport of dog fighting," the ASPCA's Randall Lockwood tells us. He has testified in numerous trials involving cruelty to animals or the treatment of animals in the context of other crimes such as dog fighting, domestic.

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A new dog-fighting trend is so savage and inhumane it's almost hard to comprehend. It's called “trunking.” Dahlia Canes of Miami Coalition.

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NEW YORK -- One of the most barbaric forms of animal cruelty has an underbelly which for years has remained literally hidden in darkness.

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Dog fighting may be a vile, competitive sport, but unfortunately it's nothing new. However, there are now reports of a new trend associated with.

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Miami-Dade Animal Services received an anonymous tip that led them to a house were dogs were frequently used for trunking. Ten dogs were.

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What is "trunking?" It involves dogs (typically pit bulls), the trunks of cars, and possibly some of the most inhumane treatment of animals seen in.

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dutch-internship.comom/news/animal-services-rescues-dogs-used-for-trunking/-/ //-/b8ullh/-/dutch-internship.com There are some really.

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The trend is called “trunking” and it's gaining momentum. Ten dogs suspected to be victims of the practice were rescued this week from a house.