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In November , Oklahoma voters will likely get the opportunity to change the beer law in their state, which could affect the other four states with beer laws – Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Minnesota. “ beer,” aka low-point beer, is % alcohol by weight (ABW.

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During Tuesday's general election, voters in the Sooner State overwhelming approved State Question allowing wine and full-strength beer.

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Out of the five states selling beer today, Colorado and Oklahoma are scheduled to phase it out in the next two years. That will leave Utah.

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Soon only 3 states will be left selling beer (we're in one of them). Will breweries . Eveleth pair arrested in Arizona trying to bring meth to Minnesota Wrong-way driver crash in Idaho kills 1 Minnesotan, injures 2 others.

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Low-alcohol beer is beer with little or no alcohol content and aims to reproduce the taste of . Low-point beer, which is often known in the United States as "three -two beer" or "3 point 2 brew", is beer that contains % alcohol by weight . administers does not reference products carrying the label of "non-alcoholic beverage.

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As states pass laws allowing full-strength brews, retailers lose low-alcohol beers —and gain opportunity. “It is vital that anybody who plans to carry any alcohol begin the licensing That said, they account for only 2 million gallons a year in beer sales, while . 3 Reasons Why TVs in C-Stores Add Value.