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Check your need for a power plug (travel) adapter in Singapore. In Singapore the power plugs and sockets are of type G. The standard voltage is V and the.

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Are you planning to visit Singapore? Check if you need a power plug adapter .

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There are three different types of electrical devices or appliances: Low wattage.

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Used in: UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong (see complete list The Type G electrical plug has three rectangular blades in a triangular.

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Check if you need any power plug adapter or converter when traveling to Singapore. See which power plug and outlet types are used in Singapore and what.

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Singapore travel adaptors Whilst planning your trip to Singapore it's important to research to make sure you Singapore travel adaptors: which type do I need?.

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You live in United Kingdom? all electrical information you need for your trip, How to use plugs from United Kingdom in Singapore Singapore' Plug Type G.

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You live in India? all electrical information you need for your trip, adapters, cables , plugs, How to use plugs from India in Singapore Singapore' Plug Type G.

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Travelling overseas with an Australian device? Use our handy Adaptor Guide and search by country to find the best product to suit your travel needs.