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The Residence Act of , officially titled An Act for establishing the temporary and permanent seat of the Government of the United States (1 Stat. ), was a.

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Residence Act: Primary Documents of American History (Virtual Services and July 6, - The House of Representatives debated the Residence Act. July 7, .

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The Residence Act of , officially An ACT for establishing the Temporary and Permanent Seat of the Government of the United States, was.

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On this day in , President George Washington signed into law the Residence Act, which granted him the power to select a new site for a.

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washington-capitol July 16, — At last, the question of the location of the nation's capital was settled today when the The Residence Act of was passed.

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On June 20, , when Congress was temporarily meeting in New York City, The Residence Act, introduced May 31, (bill version).