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On June 10, , a gasoline pipeline operated by Olympic Pipeline Company exploded in Bellingham, Washington's Whatcom Falls Park. The disaster started .

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At p.m., the gasoline vapors exploded, creating a river of fire from the rupture site near the Whatcom Falls Water Treatment Station, one.

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p.m. - A inch pipeline ruptures under Whatcom Falls Park and releases about , gallons of unleaded gasoline into Whatcom.

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On June 10, at on a beautiful spring afternoon the people of Bellingham learned the hard way that there is a 16 inch pipeline that runs through the.

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two year-old friends playing by the creek in Whatcom Falls Park. A pipeline operated by Olympic Pipe Line Co. burst and poured up to , gallons of FATAL EXPLOSION: Two pipeline firms, three officers indicted.

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BELLINGHAM (AP) - Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham was opened to the public Saturday for the first time since a gas pipeline explosion.

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creek that flowed through Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, Construction, Inc. , in the vicinity of Olympic's pipeline during a major.