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Whatton Lodge is located on Hill Road, Gullane and overlooks Gullane Bay and offers Within the house there is also a self-contained flat with lounge (TV), twin The Lodge is within a 5 minute walk of 3 golf courses, Gullane 1,2 & 3 and.

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Whatton Lodge Cottage is located in Hill Road, Gullane, one of East Lothian's The Cottage is within a 5 minute walk of 3 golf courses, Gullane 1,2,3 with some.

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VISITORS will be welcomed to the coastal gardens in Gullane on Sunday as part of Scotland's Gardens scheme in aid of charity.

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Accommodation (B&B) - Whatton Lodge. With links to the Lothian Mineworkers Whatton Lodge offers 10 day holidays at a discounted rate. Accessibility: Walk in .

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Gullane, Hill Road Corner House, East Corner House, Garage And Links are a country house (now hotel) and pair of golf courses in the parish of Dirleton.

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And while there are some very fine houses on Hummel, Nisbet or Whim the ' Hill Country' of Gullane is the most desirable address in the county. hit upon Whatton Lodge, with its salubrious beaches, golf courses and other.

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Whatton Lodge offers a week's break every year for former miners and their The bedroom house with an attached five-bedroom cottage in Gullane, East while its proximity to several golf courses and spectacular views.