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The nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll program was a series of 23 nuclear devices detonated by the United States between and at seven test sites on the .

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Bikini Atoll is an atoll in the Marshall Islands that was the site of 23 nuclear tests during the s and s. The atoll consists.

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Operation Crossroads, which had its first big event–the dropping of a nuclear bomb–on July 1, , was just the beginning of the nuclear.

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On 1 July , the United States conducted the first nuclear test after World War II. The explosion took place at the Bikini Atoll lagoon, situated in the Marshall.

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The Marshall Islands are marking 60 years since the devastating US hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll, with exiled islanders saying they are.

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But how much do most Americans know of the real-life Bikini Atoll, the location of 23 U.S. nuclear weapons tests during the Cold War era?.