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Gerenuk's are the world's most easily recognizable antelopes with their defining long necks. Unfortunately, human expansion is making it harder for them to find.

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The gerenuk also known as the giraffe gazelle, is a long-necked antelope found in the Horn of .. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. Privacy policy · About Wikipedia · Disclaimers.

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Learn More: Visit the African Wildlife Foundation to learn more about this unique species The gerenuk, also called the giraffe gazelle or Waller's gazelle, is an.

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Gerenuk. Wobbly Gerenuk Gets a Push From Mom at the Phoenix Zoo · June 17, Gerenuk are a type of antelope found native to Africa. Their name, which means "giraffe-necked" in . Wildlife Heritage Foundation · Wildlife World Zoo.

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Learn gerenuk facts, download lesson plans, and see field guide photos, video stories, and live webcam in Kenya with Mpala Live!.

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Gerenuk. Perhaps one of the oddest-looking of the antelope is the gerenuk. It has a slender body, impossibly tall, thin legs, and a long neck. The name gerenuk.

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studies were carried out on the gerenuk, or Waller's gazelle, to determine it requirements and assess supported by the Ford Foundation. The former Trustees.

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Gerenuks have adapted to. not have to drink water. because how water is very short. in Africa. They can get enough. water from the fruits and.

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Descriptions and articles about the Gerenuk, scientifically known as Litocranius walleri as classified by Integrated Taxonomic African Wildlife Foundation.

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The gerenuk is a slender necked, graceful antelope. In fact, their name derives from the Somali word for “giraffe-necked!” They are found in semi-arid regions of .