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The Liberty City Cycles Hexer is a motorcycle in The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V. The Hexer is a "modern classic".

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The LCC Hexer is a chopper style motorcycle originally existing in inactive game files in Grand Theft Auto IV, and featured proper in the The.

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LCC Hexer GTA 5 vehicle page with location and detailed info and statistics.

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For Grand Theft Auto Online on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can you get the hexer or daemon online? TwStedPrinCe 5 years ago#1 . Leader of the Dream Team (|||I '') Co-founder of GTA:SA Secret Hunters [[+]].

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Search By Game; GTA: Online · GTA 5 · GTA 4: Gay Tony · GTA 4: Lost GTA: OnlineDoes anyone have the general location of the Hexer bike.

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5) Suggestion posts must contain some initial discussion by the OP, . Hexer will spawn sometimes at Hookys off the highway leading to Fort.

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GTA V Vehicles Database. Hexer. Seats 2: Top Speed MPH: Mass / Weight KG: Drive Train RWD: Gears 4. Vehicle Information. Vehicle Class.

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Side-by-side comparison of the Hexer vs the Gargoyle from GTA.

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You know the Hexer, Johnnys bike? Were any of you not big into it or even disliked it? I didnt really like it, seeing as it was really big and bulky.