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Fucium Ore. Rarity, 6. Carry, Sell, 1,z. Buy. Where to find Fucium Ore. Monsters. Quests. No results. Usages for Fucium Ore. Weapons. Great Sword.

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*First result titled "Fucium Ore", links to gamefaqs* dutch-internship.com boards/monster-hunterultimate/ " You can.

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MH3U: Item List Icon are new items that first appeared in MH3U. Logo-MH3U .. Fucium Ore .. These can be converted to Resources or traded in bulk.

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Ore. Adv Armor Sphere (High-rank); Armor Sphere; Armor Sphere+; Auristone Chunk (High-rank) Carbalite Ore (High-rank); Deep Bloodstone (High-rank); Earth Crystal; Fucium Ore (High-rank); Gracium (High-rank); Golden Bone; Ice Crystal; Iron Ore; Isisium; Lightcrystal; Machalite Ore Brachydios Pallium ( MH3U).

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Deep Bloodstone (High Rank); Earth Crystal; Fucium Ore (High Rank); Gracium (High Rank); Golden Bone; Ice Crystal; Iron Ore; Isisium.

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Carbalite Ore Isisium アイシスメタル, 5, x99, z, Tundra · ItemIconb. Armor Sphere+; Auristone Chunk (High-rank) Fucium Ore (High-rank); Gracium (High- rank);.

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Dragonite Ore; Pelagicite Ore; Carbalite Ore; Eltalite Ore; Fucium Ore; Meldspar Firecell Stone; Allfire Stone; Lightcrystal; Isisium; Gracium; Antiseptic Stone.

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clock next to your health bar or by checking the Quest Status screen. Pellet Jewel 1 ☆4 ☆1 Pellet Up 1 Recoil -1 1 Sunspire Jewel x1, Isisium x2, Wyvern 32 Get Pitfall Mask pt Pitfall Trap x3, Nibelsnarf Hide+ x2, Fucium Ore x2.

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As I was poking in the web to save edit my MH3U save, I stumble across Ore 00E0 = Fucium Ore 00E1 = Meldspar Ore 00E2 = Bathycite Ore 00E3 Allfire Stone 00E7 = Lightcrystal 00E8 = Isisium 00E9 = DUMMY 20 00EA.