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A ring topology is a topology for a Local Area Network (LAN) in which every area networks (MAN), a ring topology is used to as the topology for the backbone .

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Ring topology is used mostly for economical reason. Aggregation HUB if the HUB is at different location and creating a Hub and Spoke would.

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A ring network is a network topology in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes, A node failure or cable break might isolate every node attached to the ring. In response, some ring networks add a Rings can be used to carry circuits or packets or a combination of both. SDH rings carry circuits. Circuits are set.

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Ring topologies may be used in either LANs (local area networks) or WANs (wide area networks). Depending on the type of network card used.

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It's frequently used in telecommunications, for SONET fiber optic networks. Traffic is bidirectional in the ring,Mo's if one link is severed,mtraffic can be rerouted.

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on the network travels in one direction and each device receives each packet in turn until the destination device receives it. Demonstration of a ring network.