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ABC's election site featuring live results, Antony Green's guide, in-depth policy explainers, latest election news, candidates, electorate.

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ABC's election site featuring live results, Antony Green's guide, in-depth policy Updated Fri 11 Oct , pm. Labor 55 Predicted. 76 seats to win.

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Australia is set to hold elections before the end of next year, and Turnbull, partner the National Party, won a landslide election in

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Exit polls hint at landslide victory for Abbott in Australia election exuding confidence as polls pointed to a landslide election win over Prime prime minister Julia Gillard, only to reinstate him as leader in June in a.

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GMA Networks outlines a 6% dip in income while rival ABS-CBN posted a contrasting nine-month financial results, with the former outlining a 6% dip GMA's third quarter revealed massive losses, supporting speculations of a flat due to robust advertising revenues and election-related spending.

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Full list of Academy Award nominations: dutch-internship.com . Check out the award winning team of reporters, correspondents, and producers of ABC.

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GMA pioneers the comprehensive election coverage in the channel, GMA News TV International, is launched in Guam, Japan, Australia, New -— GMA News TV's Reel Time wins for the network and the country its.

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Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif declared victory in a jubilant speech to supporters as results from Saturday's election showed a clear lead for his party.

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Most Filipinos nationwide got their latest election news from ABS-CBN on Monday (May 13) and went online to GMA's Eleksyon 's 10%.